This Week’s Dose of Hope: Your Heart’s Desires

take delight in the Lord - Psalm 37:4 | gospel girls

The Psalms are speaking to me like woah these days. This one is a verse that was included in a devotional I read several weeks ago. In the past, the part about getting our hearts’ desires is what stood out, but lately the first part about taking delight in the Lord is taking center stage.

So how do we take delight in the Lord, seek first His kingdom, and keep our eyes on the prize? My church did an excellent message a few weeks ago on hearing and responding to God’s voice in the sea of other voices we hear in the course of a day. This is something I can struggle with when the people-pleaser in me rears its head, so I loved this message combined with the reminder that when we take delight in the Lord (seek His voice first), He will care for us and give us our hearts’ desires.

Here’s the message if you’d like to watch it yourself.

fore042213 from forefront church on Vimeo.


Original picture of Cabins by Petr Kratochvil. Text added by us! 


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