This Week’s Dose of Hope: Helping Hand (and an (in)RL wrap up)

lend a helping hand - Phil 2:3 | gospel girls

On Saturday Steph and I attended the (in)RL conference – an amazing gathering of women that was put together by (in)courage. We met a bunch of great ladies including Amy, Mandy, Delonna, and Lisa-Jo, took home some super cute swag, and loved every minute of it!

During the conference, Philippians 2:3 came to my attention twice. The translation was different than the one above, but the verse stuck with me. In a world that tells us to look out for ourselves or to work harder for good things, this alternate message is totally liberating. We don’t have to think about ourselves or our own ambitions. Jesus has totally done it all. We can just live a life of love for others and trust Him to take care of us and make His perfect plans come true, because He’s cool like that.

For someone who’s constantly recovering from the idea that I have to “earn” things – whether it’s a dream in my heart or the food on my table –  it’s incredibly exciting. I came back from the conference grateful for all the new friends we met and in love with the idea of letting Jesus work in my life through small acts of genuine love and not sweating the other stuff.

What about you guys? Do you feel like you have to work hard to earn things or is letting go easy? Do you think the idea of helping each other first is totally liberating?

“Old And Young Women Holding Hand” by worradmu from Text added by us. 



  1. A post short on words but POWERFUL in its message Kim. I mean that. It resonated~Jesus has already done it! So trust Him, and go out and love on others….needed this. Happy for you that you could be part of (in)courage weekend!


    1. I needed this verse, too! I always want to go out and work for Jesus, but He’s reminding me that it’s Him who’s doing the work. Our job is just living in Him, which is totally liberating and somehow so against our nature! I guess that’s why He keeps telling people like us to be still. 😉

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