What Being Still Has to do With God Sized Dreams

What being still has to do with God-sized dreams | Gospel Girls

If I had my way every single day, I would start my morning with an hour of prayer. I don’t say that to sound all awesome and holy. It’s just that right now, at this point in my life, lots of early morning quiet time (early morning in my book equals 8:00 AM) is just my thing.

My husband on the other hand very rarely starts his morning with an hour of prayer. Instead, he prays at other times of the day in other ways. It’s just his thing.

It’s fine. We’re not comparing things, because that would be silly.

But what I am saying is that as much as I love being still, it’s usually the first thing to go when things get crazy. I can’t tell you how many times my ideal one hour turns into 10 minutes. Or 20 minutes on a “good” day. And while that might be a lot of time for some people, it’s not enough for how I’m wired. And so I’m running on a shortage of “still.”

I share all this because the other day I publicly confided in my bloggy friend Delonna that I was totally humbled, inspired, and jealous (in like a good way) of all the amazing things God is doing in her God-sized dream to help orphans.

And she responded by telling me it all started with being still.

Did you hear that? Being still. The very phrase God gave me as my One Word this year. Go figure!

So, since we’re doing life now instead of just talking about life here’s action number one: I’m going to pick up a piece of my ideal “being still” routine that I haven’t been so good with lately and spend 15 minutes a night studying the Bible.

I’m going to do it at night because I like to spend my morning time in prayer. So night is my reading time. And I’m telling you because maybe you can encourage me and maybe we can encourage each other. And because we already know abiding is where real life begins.

What about you guys? We’ve talked about being still a lot. Do you have a favorite being still practice or routine?

Psst more good stuff here:

Delonna writes more about being still and her God-sized dream. I can’t encourage you enough to check out her cool organization, Clothed in Love, dedicated to helping orphans. We heart her big time.



  1. My friend keeps saying this is the year of confirmation and I have to agree! God has been speaking “still” to me also and I’ve been obeying and it’s opening up a whole new world 🙂


  2. I just watched a teaching that spoke of our mornings really starting at night. That God often speaks to our spirit in the darkness while our mind and bodies rest in sleep. Preparing before bed for that time is a good thing! Blessings, friend.


  3. ooooh resonating!

    i think this year i have learned to slow down alot. and to slow down and make that time to worship. last year i was really sick (okay for years before that) and went to see some specialists – one who was very mind body focused and was more of a therapist i reckon (for me!) than a specialist. she got me to look at waht i was doing and the pace and the number of things at the same time. i’m a high output person, i like to be busy and i’m totally an active relaxer, but i think i was running on empty and never filling the tank! so this year i had to have some treatment 3 x a week for 12 weeks. and they would wipe me out for a few hours after having them. so i stopped. those days i had as “stop days” where until the kids came home i did “the bare minimum” of doing, but lay down and worshipped and prayed. and sometimes napped. i am learning to be still.

    i do my quiet times at night too. i read the bible and then put on my ipod and worship. i love kari jobe too! her be still song spoke to me so! kathleen carnali has a beautiful be still song too. my favourite “being still song” for me is bethel church “come to me” – that one just gets my heart every time.


    1. Claire, that is an amazing story. It seems like a lot of us high output people have had to learn to be still. And isn’t it incredible that rest is what God wants for us most?

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