When Our Lives Call for Action

When our lives call for action | Gospel Girls

You guys, I am not so bad with change. In fact I kind of like it. But where I do get stuck is in the dreaming about and talking about change phase and that means I’m not really making a lot of change happen. If I’ve learned anything in my life, its that I’m the kind of person that needs two things to make a change real: either a whole lot of divine discontent, or a whole lot of pain.

And yet the Lord loves me. It is a miracle indeed.

When I went from illness to health, God took me through a whole lot of change. And all of it led me into a better life. That’s why I talk about it so much, and that’s why I say he healed me not just physically but in every single way possible.

What I’m learning to do now (because I’m nothing if not a slow learner) is make that change happen without having to get to the whole lot of pain stage. Because I’m still alive! And that means I’m still moving toward the life that God has planned for me. So while I’m enjoying every day along the way, it’s not a time to stand still. It’s a time to keep growing.

Luckily I’m blessed to have people in my life like the hubster, my sister, and you guys to help me make that a reality. And for those of you who have heard me say this before? Heh…. My bad! I mean it this time!

We focus on the faith stuff on this here Gospel Girls blog, because first and foremost we need God if are going to be the people that he’s made us to be. But the Lord himself tells us that “faith without actions is dead,” and we don’t really spend a lot of time sharing all the actions. So let’s do that. More rock, less talk if you will? Just to keep myself accountable (and because life is more fun with pictures) here’s what I imagine coming our way. More posts about stuff like…

  • Faith – Would you expect any less?
  • Relationships & community – What is life if we’re not doing it with other people?
  • Home – It’s where the heart is and it’s where we sure do spend a lot of time.
  • Feeling Our Best – When we feel good, it’s easier for us to go out and do good.
  • Money – Budgeting isn’t fun, but I’m pretty sure the better we get at it the easier life is. So I’m trying, and we can talk about it together.
  • Dreams – We’re in love with God-sized dreamers.
  • Buying with a Purpose – This one is near and dear to our hearts, and we want to get even better at using our money to support a better world.

The crazy thing about life is that it includes a lot of waiting for the things we desire, and the waiting is the hardest part. But God tells us to be brave and courageous as we wait, I think that means getting up and doing life and taking lots and lots of baby steps toward the plans He has for us. Together. Imperfectly. But with a lot of fun. And photos.

What do you guys think? Do you think change is a good part of life? Is there anything you’re looking forward to changing? Are you guys into posts on home, health, money, dreams, etc?

Psst more good stuff here:

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