Diagnosis: Divine Discontent

YES YES YES! So that’s what it is. I have divine discontent.

Can you please just read Dan Miller’s article “My Divine Discontent” if you haven’t done so yet? Because it’s totally brill – and even if you’ve heard it said before it’s not said enough.

Why I'm inspired by Dan Miller's article on Divine Discontent

This was my favorite part:

It is my belief that authentic career success is tied to our spiritual well being – the identification of those inner gifts and talents that need to be used for us to feel fulfilled… Expecting the government or corporations to provide fulfilling jobs is to reverse the process of finding one’s “vocation.”  A true vocation helps us grow as persons while we meet our own needs and address the needs of those around us.

Did you read the article? What do you think? Are you doing what God shaped you to do?




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