This Week’s Dose of Hope: For the Dreamers

dose of hope - Psalm 2714 pic by PetrKratochvil

This verse crossed my path twice in one month, first in an email from my friend Julie and then on Courtney’s beautiful blog, Growing is Beautiful, as her verse of the month in February. Anytime a piece of Scripture falls into my lap more than once in a short period of time, I try to stop and take notice.

Sometimes the concepts of waiting and being bold and courageous seem like a contradiction. I think Jon Acuff’s piece on his blog today is one of the best examples of how to wait patiently for the Lord while being brave and courageous. We wait patiently by trusting in His timing, and we are brave and courageous in the meantime by doing what we need to do to get where we want to go, whether it’s toward better health (as my friend Karyn pointed out) or a dream.

I hope this verse fills all of us with lots of hope, courage, and faith this week.

How about you guys? Is there something you’re waiting on that you are being or could be brave and courageous in? I can think of a couple things in my life that I’m learning to be brave and courageous in as I wait.

Original photo of Morning Dew by Petr Kratochvil



  1. Thank you for posting. God has been bringing “Be strong and courageous” before me so many times these past few weeks. This verse is definitely the theme of what He’s been working in my life. Trust Him. Be strong and Courageous. Love it!


    1. Karyn, Isn’t it great when He brings a theme to our attention over and over again? He’s been opening my eyes to a lot of “wait” verses and how waiting is the beautiful balance between finding our rest in Him and actively doing those things that honor Him. I’m learning a lot and sure I have a lot to learn. I’m praying for you daily! XO.


  2. Thanks Kim! This is a theme for me too, as you know. I need reminders like this daily, sometimes hourly. I love your new blog design!


    1. Hi Jen! I was thinking of you when I was thinking about this verse. It reminded me of our chats about the tension between being still and doing, and I think this verse is helping clear it up for me. I need lots of reminders of this, too, so I’m glad we can both be blessed by this verse. Thank you so much for the kind words on the design. I know it will make Steph smile to hear that! Hugs to you! Praying for you daily, too!


  3. I love the way you describe scriptures falling into your lap! I think when we turn our hearts and ears to God’s words He speaks! We listen! Lovely post. And a scripture that speaks to me today.


    1. Renee, a verse actually fell into my lap from your blog this week! I’m trying to listen better again, and I’m always blessed by the time in His Word. 🙂

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