Web Roundup 2


You know when you come across something that you just have to share? I’m sharing here.

This post on when a bummer might be perfect by Sheila Walsh on Ann Voskamp’s blog A Holy Experience.

The Lettered Cottage’s just-for-fun video of Ashley Wade & Kevin Palmer recording “Closer” by Bethel Music – I hope we hear more from Ashley in the future!

The How of the Dream by Dee Kasberger  (Red Letter Words) on Holley Gerth’s blog. I want to spend more time absorbing this post  and responding to it, but I just read it 15 minutes ago and just.had.to.share. Hope you’re as inspired by it as I am!

(in)courage’s in(RL) webcasts and meetups are still open for registration! They’re free and are being held all over. Kim convinced me to register (seriously, why didn’t I do this last year?) and I can’t wait to meet more women in my area next month.



  1. I’ve read the post at Holley’s from Dee Kasberger and the one from Sheila Walsh, and I agree, they are both REALLY good! Definitely worth sharing! I’ll have to check out the video from Ashley-I love good music 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by Alecia, I’m so glad you liked those posts, too. Dee’s story is so encouraging and inspiring.
      And yes, definitely check out the video of Ashley and Kevin. I listened to it 3x in one day. I love finding women worship singers and girl is blessed!


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