A Few Changes Coming to the Blog

Hi friends, I hope you’re all having a good week. If I’ve been extra quiet over email and in popping in to say hi at your places, it’s because the hubby and I were in Virginia with Steph and her hubby for a way-too-short vacation.

By vacation, I mean we crashed their house, ate their food, cuddled with their puppies, and breathed in the big Virginia sky.

Have you ever noticed how even a small break can be such a breath of fresh air?

My husband all but had to pry my fingers off the door frame to get me out of Steph’s house and back to New York City. You know how in every Lifetime movie there’s a scene where a woman falls to her knees, lifts her hands to the air, and screams,” whyyyyyyy?!”

That’s pretty much me every time I have to leave places with trees and grass and dishwashers and driveways for the big ol’ city we call home.

But I digress… Because, here’s what I really want to tell you…

Aside from the fact that Steph made an amazing gluten-free, yeast-free taco style pizza for dinner one night….

And aside from the fact that she made gluten-free taco stuffed pasta shells another night….

And aside from the fact that Steph and her husband eat a lot of gluten-free taco-flavored things…

I wanted to let you know that a couple changes are coming to this blog, and Steph and I both hope all of them will be changes you’re going to love.

It all started way back in July, when she called me with an idea, and that idea was what if we really used this blog to tell other women why we love Jesus so much and then to walk out our faith with them one day at a time, helping each other live out what it means to be a Christ follower in light of the Gospel?

That idea had been percolating in both of our hearts for a long, long time. But you guys, I’m really scared of what taking this leap of faith might mean. Because it means putting myself out there, and I’ve always been a behind the scenes kind of person. And it also means confronting some of the ways I don’t live out the Gospel in my life and then being brave enough to change them. All of these things seem way more scary than just going through the motions and living a “normal” life.

But we’re going for it. Because as much as it scares me, the idea also excites me to no end. Can I be honest with you? I don’t want to live a “normal” life. We’re free in Christ, friends! And I want to see us all live in that freedom and share that good news with others, too.

So after 6 months of planning and preparation, we’re ready to do this thing and that means the changes are coming.

What can you expect?

A New Name

This is my favorite part. “Steph & Kim” was never supposed to last more than a short time while we got our blogging feet wet and figured some things out. But it stuck around for over two years, because like I said… putting myself out there is scary. Now we’re ready, mostly because I’m learning to say yes to God more and also because you guys have been the greatest source of encouragement I could ever ask for. So a new name is coming out. We’re changing “Steph & Kim” to “Gospel Girls.”

What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Can I admit if you lived with me you’d think Gospel Girls was the #1 blog on the internet by how often I talk about it? If you hate it, will you be so kind as to keep coming back and see if it grows on you? Because we couldn’t do this blogging thing without friends like you.

A New Header

With the new name comes a new header, designed by our very own Steph. It will be popping up any day now, and we’re so excited for you to see it.


With the new name also comes a new URL. Our first official one after 4 years of free URLing it (is that a phrase?). In the near future, anyone visiting https://praylivecreate.wordpress.com will be forwarded to a new web address.

A New About Page

This already happened, but you’ll see a few more updates in the next week as the new name and URL roll out. I think it does a better job of really telling what we’re all about and soon you’ll see a bit more on there about why we blog and what the Gospel means to us.

So that’s it for the major changes. We’re so excited to see these things come to life, and we honestly can’t say enough how much your encouragement has helped us get here. We hope you all love the new look, but for reals – let us know in the comments what you think.

Hugs, hugs, hugs!



  1. Sounds very exciting to me. I have been thinking about doing the same for myself…like starting over fresh with a new focus. That is cool Steph can create a new header for you! I like Gospel Girls! Looking forward to the future here 🙂


    1. Thank you, Renee! I’ve been so nervous about actually making the changes. I love the new designs on your blogs this year and will definitely be cheering you on if you decide to go for that fresh new focus. I’m way behind on visiting your blog while I was traveling, but I’ll be over there soon!

      On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Steph and Kim


  2. Fun!!!!! I think I’d start a new blog every week just because I love setting up the page, making a header, etc… Love Gospel Girls. It’s adorable. Except I might expect you to break out into song from time to time. It reminds me of the old gospel singing, like from the Bill Gather days! Maybe a Vlog from you girls once a week belting one out? Just an idea! 😉 Congrats on all the changes. Good job stepping up and trusting God to take care of you as you follow His lead. I will definitely keep coming back. You can’t stop me!


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