This Week’s Dose of Hope: With God’s Help We Will Do Mighty Things

This Weeks Dose of Hope - Feb 14 2013

Happy Monday, friends. (Is the weekend really over?) I read this verse last week, after writing about when we’re not feeling mighty enough. Perhaps God is reminding me further that He is the mighty one, and our strength is in Him. I love it.

Linking up with The Sunday Community a day late since I’m trying not to use the computer on Sundays. I think next week I’ll play with the timing and try posting it on Saturday night.



  1. I love this verse. It’s a terrific reminder isn’t it? Especially for recovering control freaks like myself 🙂 I prepare my Sunday post on Saturday. Nice because I have God’s Words swirling inside me all weekend.


  2. Love the verse and the ocean and the rocks. So strong, so focusing on our Lord’s power and encouragement in our lives. I’d LIKE to do mighty things in our area that would bring focus on the Lord to many and draw more and more to Him. Would LIKE to; but, He’s the only One Who can truly bring this to accomplishment. Thanks so much…


    1. Cary Jo, I share your feeling and your prayer. I hope that He opens doors for us to share His good news with more and more people. I just saw you have a picture of the Pacific Ocean on your blog. My husband and I took this pic along Highway 1 by Goat Rock Beach. It’s so beautiful out there! 🙂

      On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 11:18 PM, Steph and Kim


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