It’s a New Year, It’s a New Word, It’s Enough!

Hi, friends! So if we were lucky enough to know each other last year, you might remember that I started adopting a word each January as part of One Word 365. It started in January of 2011, when I adopted the word “trust.” That word turned out to be an awesome challenge. I still love thinking about what that word did in my life.

In 2012, I chose “wisdom.” And if I’m being honest with you, I didn’t really pursue that intentionally at all. I did a couple quick searches for “wisdom” in the Bible using YouVersion, and a couple times I even (not so randomly?) stumbled across a new verse about wisdom and a little light bulb went off. (Like when #SheReadsTruth did their study of Proverbs and I actually read along for once.) But for the most part, I’ll admit I didn’t want to think about it.

Because I felt like when it came to wisdom, I should be doing better at all the “wise” things I wanted to do in my life, like balancing my budget better (we didn’t go over our means, but we certainly haven’t hit the mark when it comes to following that budget), updating my chore chart, vacuuming my bedroom every week, whipping up a weeks’ worth of meals every Saturday, keeping up with the devotionals I sign up for, etc, etc, etc.

But here’s what I did learn this year, and it took me 12 full months to realize it.

Wisdom is knowing we’re loved by God. True wisdom is knowing we’re enough.

I think I’d started to catch on to that in March, when I realized it’s not about having it all together. But somewhere between March and December I forgot that, and this blog is nothing if not proof that I’m working this crazy thing called life out day by day.

Here’s the crazier thing. Steph sent me a link today to The Handmade Home. I adore this blog and am already in love with it, because we’re both 30 and we’re both still figuring it out, and we’re both enough. [I’m not a creepy blog stalker, I’m just saying]. This post right here is exactly what I needed to hear, and I think you should read it, too. It’s exactly what I’m walking away from 2012 knowing a little bit more.

Isn’t it good to know that you’re enough just the way you are? Sometimes we need to hear that from someone else. So if you’ve never known that or if you’ve forgotten that… let me tell it to you today. YOU are ENOUGH. God loves you as you are. And your little light was made to shine just the way you are. Your ministry, friend, is just being you in all your unique gifted, broken, messed up, redeemed ways for all to see. And knowing you are enough in God’s eyes. Without shame.

I think when we do that, we’ll free others to know they are enough just the way they are, too. And then we’re really living!

p.s. Alece, the founder of One Word 365, chose “enough” as her One Word of the year. Looks like God’s doing something, ladies!

p.p. s. One Word 365#SheReadsTruth… They’re fun. I love both. I’m not really good at following along with any one thing though at this phase in my life. So when I link to these wonderful communities, please don’t get the impression I’m somehow juggling it all. I’m just checking in periodically with blogs that speak to my heart and women that make me feel more and more enough.

Love you!



  1. Very interesting, Kim. When I went to the Sozo session for inner healing more than one of the women wrote notes to me that said, “You are enough”…… Powerful! I am looking forward to reading about your word for this year and insights you gain…..I have been pondering a word for several days, thinking I had one and then today God brought me right back to the practice of rest. That word! I think I may be needing to study it even more :)…


    1. Renee, that’s so interesting… I think God is up to something big with this concept of “enough.” 🙂 Oddly enough, I hadn’t considered that for my One Word until today. But I think I’m going with “still” and taking “enough” as my big wise lesson for 2012. Can’t wait to hear more from you on rest and the Sozo session!

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