Three Fun Things

Hi, guys! So since the topics from my last few posts were a little heavy (I promise, my tone wasn’t heavy as I wrote) let’s fun things up around here today. I have a little confession to make, and that is that I’m slightly obsessed with calendars and wallpapers right now. It allows me to feel organized, and it’s all part of an “intentional” phase I’m very into right now.

Both Crosscards and (in)courage posted new November computer wallpapers, and yes I am all about them. I downloaded the (in)courage one, and it’s beautiful. The husband said true love is letting your wife change your computer wallpaper, and I like to change his once a month to keep things festive.

I’m not the best at keeping up with She Reads Truth‘s daily Bible reading plans (I hop from following along to doing my own thing to skipping a day to reading based on a message I heard), but I love the weekly memory verse backgrounds for smart phones that these ladies post each Sunday. This week’s memory verse is Philippians 3:20, and you can grab the mobile wallpaper here.

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ… – Philippians 3:20 (NIV)

And since I’m geeking out about wallpapers and monthly calendars (because this is nothing if not a big deal), Harvest Ministries is giving away 2013 calendars with donations this month. I’m a big Greg Laurie fan. Biiiig fan. His book Essentials is essential, and his documentary Lost Boy (which you can watch here and here) totally made me cry happy and sad tears. All that to say, I like his work. I like his TV program. And I like his yearly calendars.

Also, this is a bonus thing I wanted to share that has nothing to do with calendars or wallpapers, but it’s been with me all week long.

My friend Renee wrote about staying in intimacy with Jesus and what that means for healing. I know every word of it is true. When I started this blog three years ago it was about living a life of wellness. I thought I’d been healed for life and everything was going to be perfect. Then I got sick again. And again. And I guess now a fourth time. And you know what God did with all that time? He put doses of hope in me and showed me that the real thing to get excited about is living in communion with Him. So this post was right up my alley and full of wise words as my friend always is. It’s great, and I have to share it.

OK, how are you guys? How is your week? Tell me all about it. It’s snowing and raining and flurrying like crazy here as another Nor’easter blows through New York City. Our heat is finally on, and I love all the white noise from the radiators. It’s officially winter, I can’t believe it!



  1. Oh my goodness, thank you Kim for your kind words. I am so blessed to know that the words I write are used by God to touch others…..I find such encouagement in coming to your cyber home 🙂 Hope and pray you are doing well with the new storm and the aftermath of Sandy? Hugs and love and prayers….


  2. Kim,
    First, thank God you are safe and weren’t badly affected by the storm. We actually weren’t much affected except loss of some power. I pray that whoever is badly effected will be drawn to the Lord most of all for their rescue. My pastor was speaking on how Jesus is our rescuer and our refuge no matter what is happening here. How true. Again, I was reading your post and my heart jumped. When you said, through all the sickness and then healing, the true excitement is about living in communion with Him. In all the years that I’ve know the Lord, it was only when I was sick in my home, miserable in my bed seeking healing from Him, did I truly get the revelation that the true healing, blessing, heart jumping excitement comes from true communion with Him. How unbelievable. He allows us to enter into his grace, mercy and unending love whenever we want. And the more we want, the more He always wants to give us. We still don’t know all that the Lord has for us through these times. All the people we will reach through the experience of seeking refuge in Him and then being able to share all of this to bring more people to the Lord. Praise God and thank you again for being such a blessing and a true disciple. Blessings and love in Christ,


    1. Hi Romina! Thank you and I’m glad to hear that you were safe through it as well! Love your words: “He allows us to enter into his grace, mercy and unending love whenever we want. And the more we want, the more He always wants to give us.” So true. I want to seek Him just as much when I’m well as when I’m sick, and that’s the big challenge for me. To make sure my heart is always moving toward deeper communion. Hugs!

      On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 6:24 PM, Steph and Kim


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