Be Back Soon!

I’m nursing away a pretty bad flu bug that made its way into our apartment a couple weeks ago and has floored first the husband and now me. After days of bed rest, a fever that would not go away, and lots and lots of medicine and lentil soup I’m feeling a little bit better. “Better” meaning I now just look and sound like I have a normal flu and not the-worst-flu-of-2012. A big huge thanks to those who have been praying for me. Big huge hugs to those friends I still owe an email to. Thanks for writing, and I promise a response is coming soon.

My husband, in a rare moment of activity during his days with this flu, uploaded our favorite wedding pictures to Facebook last weekend (one of my favorites is above). They were taken by the incredible Annabelle Dando, and as I was flipping through them again today I couldn’t stop smiling. Those friends in that picture are amazing. Life is beautiful.

Steph was also married two weeks ago! Is this picture (by the also incredible Scott Henderson) not adorable? (That’s also Steph and her hubby on the top left of his website!). We drove down to Virginia for the celebration and met up with friends and family at Zion Springs bed and breakfast for what was probably another one of the best weekends of my life. There were little pieces of heaven all over the place. I can’t even tell you.

In other news, we got to the bottom of what it is I’m prone to, which is not really new news so much as it was a diagnosis. After visiting my LLMD (myspecialist with expertise in Lyme Disease and related infections) just a few days after my last post, I was diagnosed with Bartonella yet again. I wasn’t surprised by that time. The husband and I both suspected as much after I got matching streaky rashes across my right arm and left thigh. The great news is the antibiotics have been working well, the Lord is clearly holding me in His hand in ways I cannot say thank you enough for, and I was able to shake my booty all night long at Steph’s wedding, which is what she wanted most at her big day.

This probably explains why the flu has hit me doubly as hard as it seemed to hit the hubby, since I’m still treating the Bartonella. And it also brought to light that our kit kits are Bartonella carriers living among us, in our own apartment. Since I’m prone to infectious disease at this point in my life and catch things others might not, we know we can’t let them just keep on carrying it around. So yes, they’re going into treatment too, and we hope to do at least a few months of antibiotics and some pretty rigorous testing so I don’t have to keep getting it every year as I have for the past four years. This was the option I was persuaded to try after considering a few more options like taking out their claws (New York state makes this hard to do) or finding them new homes (which broke the hubby’s heart).

Alright you guys, it’s not the flu meds talking – I love you all. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back to writing more soon!



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