Remembering Sara and Choosing Joy

I talk a lot about healing on this blog. Jesus is our healer. Please don’t ever forget that.

But there’s something more important than the healing itself, and that’s Jesus Himself. Without Him, we would not have a Healer to cling to.

My church challenged me with this last week in a message on healing that was part of a series on miracles. Somehow, my pastor put into words a lot of what I learned walking through illness and into Jesus’ arms and then into healing. But I think there are still a lot of things you just can’t know and can’t say and can’t understand unless you’ve been through it yourself.

A few years ago I found a blog called Gitzen Girl by Sara Frankl. A year ago today Sara went home to Jesus. I never met her, but she emailed me once and now I wish we’d emailed much more. Sara walked through illness. Harder, deeper, more painful illness than mine, though I also understand what it is to live in all consuming, never ending illness and pain. When I found Sara’s blog, I immediately loved it. I related to it. I wanted to dive into it. But I was also scared of it. Sara embraced her life of pain and suffering with joy. And while I know that Jesus was with me through my illness, while I knew when I was sick that nothing – NOTHING – else mattered in the world but Him, while I had a confidence in Him and a boldness for Him and a focus on Him that I’m ashamed to admit is so much easier to wander from when I am well, I was (and still am) afraid of embracing illness.

I am so thankful to be healed. I wanted to be healed. And I want everyone on this planet to be healed.

I know my healing is in Christ and that there is nothing in this world that heals as He does. Sara taught me about choosing joy when I needed to hear it. Her words that “no moment from my God is a rock of burden, it’s just a rock waiting to broken apart into stepping stones” (she designed the button on the right sidebar) gave me encouragement and courage to stand for what I knew is true – our God reigns. He is good all the time.

Also (and this is hard for me to write), I don’t want to be afraid. I love the life the Lord has blessed me with now. I love feeling good. It is an incredible feeling that I will never be able to fully put in words. But when that day comes that Jesus calls me home, I don’t want to be afraid to embrace any hard parts that come with that. I want to remember that what my God has walked me through before, He will walk me through again. And when I see Him, it will be better than any earthly healing ever could be.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to write about nutrition, healthy recipes,and all the lifestyle changes the Lord led me to to live a healthier lifestyle. I thought this would be a wellness blog. In truth, God had so much more in store. He told me to write about hope – the hope that we have in knowing Him. That it was the first and most crucial ingredient in finding real life, healing, and an eternal perspective. And since then He’s given me words to write and I’ve found so much of Him in sharing hope with you and being encouraged by you.

Sara’s friends and family still post on her blog, and last week I went back to read it again and cried, cried, cried. She’s still inspiring me. I love her (even though I never met her on earth and we only exchanged one email), and I want to live like her – with the same joy, purpose, intentional love every day of my life. I don’t want to wander from the God who showed Himself to me when I was desperately in need. And I don’t want to ever fear the day I enter into His arms.

I hope that everyone who comes here experiences healing and restoration and that amazing experience of having pain lifted by the hand of God. But I hope more than that that we all experience His deep love, and that His deep love fills us up to the full and overflows into the lives of others and that we can choose joy like Sara did everyday.

If you’re reading this today, just wanted to say thanks and I love you for being here.



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