Books I Really Want to Read

You guys, this month something like a half dozen books were released that I feel I need badly in my life. OK, that might be an overstatement. But what I do mean to say is that I’m really excited for a good handful of books that just came out in the last two weeks. Almost all of them, probably not coincidentally, are by women who share their lives online in some pretty awesome blogs. I don’t really have an order of how badly I want to read them… let’s just say I think all of these look good, and maybe you’ll like them too.

White Jacket Required: A Culinary Coming of Age Story by Jenna Weber

I want this. Jenna writes Eat, Live, Run, and about once a week or so when I get to read her blog I comb through all of her posts and bookmark pretty much every recipe to try to make for the husband. Sadly, I can’t eat the sugar and gluten she uses in her sweets and some of her other dishes, but I can dream about someday mastering the art of altering a recipe enough to get it right. And I still think her blog is the funnest (yes, funnest) foodie read on the internet. And she introduced me to She Reads Truth, which I’m not always great at keeping up with, but which I love, love, love all the same.

Perfectly Unique: Praising God From Head to Foot by Annie Downs

I feel kind of weird talking about bloggers I’ve never met except for on the internet, all like “hey, they seem cool.” But seriously, I love Annie Downs. Her blog, Annie Blogs, cracks me up and inspires me, and causes me to confront the dreams Jesus has whispered into my heart that seem all impossible, and makes me want to visit Nashville again reaaaaaal bad. I haven’t gotten my hands on this book yet, but the internet tells me it’s about learning to love our bodies as God designed them. And while it may be geared toward young women, as someone who knows what it’s like to feel like you’re trapped in a body you don’t want (like when you’re going through years of illness, in my case) I know what a huge and divine blessing it is to finally see God’s beautiful design in our bodies and love ourselves as He intended. I want to buy it to support Annie Downs (even though I don’t know her) and also because as I type that I think everyone should have a book like this.

Graceful: Letting Go Of Your Try-Hard Life by Emily Freeman

This is another book geared toward young women (didn’t I just share that I turned 30 this month?), but it’s the follow up to Emily Freeman’s first book, Grace for the Good Girl, and really I need at least one of these books in my life. Emily Freeman has one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve ever laid my eyes on at Chatting at the Sky. And she helped me understand the importance of creativity when I was still in my “I don’t have time / money / energy for luxuries” phase after I was healed of illness. Let me tell you something – creativity does a soul good, and so does real live grace. It took me years to understand grace. I’m still trying to understand it. And I’ve spent a lot of time in a try-hard lifestyle. So honestly, I need Emily’s book. Can we call it a need instead of a want?

Right now I’m reading a book that I got for free years ago from Gospel for Asia called Revolution in World Missions. I know, free book… how great can it be? Changing. My. Life. I’m loving it, and it’s reigniting all sorts of dreams I’ve had for helping others get to know Jesus better. People sell it on Amazon, but Gospel for Asia is still giving the book away for free and if you want to feel all sorts of wowed, get it. (Not an advertisement, not a PSA, just my opinion on a book I can’t wait to pick up every morning on the train.)

You guys, what books are you reading? What do you recommend? I have a few more books on my shelf right now that I still need to get to, but I love making lists of books to read next.

I hope you’re all having a great day!


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