Just Married!

Hi friends! I’m married! It’s been a really amazing week. I don’t even know how to put it into words, so I’ll probably share it all in pictures.

We just left for our honeymoon today! I hope I get lots of reading and writing time in on while we’re relaxing and having fun. I have a lot of friends to catch up with and lots to share.

I hope all of you are feeling blessed and loved this weekend. I’m reminded of how much more God loves me than I can even imagine every time He allows my plane to land safely on the runway.

I do not like planes. But like life, I’ve learned that while I may not like the trip, He always has something incredible for me at the other side. Like the view outside my window right now. Isn’t it crazy how traveling can expand our horizons and draw us so much closer to God as we admire all His works. Going to new places always does that to me.



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