Today’s Dose of Hope: Remembered When We’re Down

God remembered us when we were down, His love never quits. – Psalm 136:23 (Msg)

I saw this verse in Kay Warren‘s status update today, and right as I started to click away I had to pause and read it again. Sometimes I have a lot to say about what I read and how it speaks to me. Today this one just meant a lot just by virtue of what it says: God remembered us when we were down, and His love never quits.

When I was sick, I was “down.” I lost my health, a whole lot of money, my possessions (long story involving moving into a cheaper apartment and surviving a terrible freak insect infestation), friendships, relationships, you name it, I lost it. I think at the lowest point, I was sleeping on the floor for weeks and living out of bags.

I will tell you the whole story someday, unless you knew me during the “bug incident of 2009” as I like to call it – in which case you’ve heard it ten thousand times.

Just weeks after that experience, I’d moved into a beautiful Victorian home in one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City, and over the next few months friends showered me with love by donating furniture and clothing, the CEO of my former company sent me an air conditioner as a house warming present, and God met all of my needs. Every single one of them. He remembered me when I was down, and His love never quit.

In other words, I’d “gone under,” but Jesus is still bringing me “back up again.”

Three years later, I’m preparing to move out of that beautiful house that God picked out for me at my lowest point and in with the love of my life. In less than two months I’m going to walk down the aisle and marry that man. I’m even closer with the wonderful friends who stepped up to help me in my time of need. I have a wonderful church, and I’m a little bit stronger and a little bit healthier with every year.

Am I perfect? Not even close. But His love is giving me hope and joy and motivation to continue moving forward even when I slip back up again.

His love never quits.



  1. So glad to read this verse today….feeling a bit punk today and discouragement wants to set it when reactions to chemicals still come 😦 What you shared helps me remember how far I have come and that we walk with our Lord leading the way. He promises never fail. Your hope and strength gives me encouragement. God bless


    1. Renee, so sorry for your discouragement! I do know that feeling. I am glad that you have come so far. I know it’s tough when we still haven’t made as much progress as we’d like, but I know He’s getting us there! Remission for me hasn’t meant perfect health, just no more Lyme and feeling way better than I did before. I’m still very sensitive to chemicals but I decided that’s because they’re bad, and my body’s doing me a favor by telling me to get away. Now I think of it as a blessing. 🙂 He’s not going to forget you and His love is never going to quit! Praying for better days ahead for you!


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