Hope-fully Embracing Change

Yesterday I asked the question “What area can you invite God’s hope into?” and then I linked back to a big long post of things that could use an infusion of hope and intentionality in my life. So today I want to ask a question to all of us again, starting with myself:

What do I want to change? [And what do you want to change?]

I’ll start with a big long answer, too. Just in case following that link back to that older post is as hard for you as it is for me:

1. Health – I want to embrace that amazing feeling of good health: Eating well, sleeping well, praying well, loving well, exercising well, and loving the feeling of a body that praises God just by doing what it was designed to do. I want to take no moment of health for granted, and I want to honor God with my body day in and day out by treating it how it was designed to be treated. I want to share the joy of health with others, share how I got healthier when I was severely ill, and how I’m doing it again, and I want us all to do a Rocky style happy dance when we celebrate what our God has done.

2. Finances – I’ve gotten really good at living within my means, but I don’t want to stop here. I want to continue to climb out of the rut I’m in by paying off my medical debt and student loans, giving more generously and freely to others, and moving away from the constant nagging fear that the financial rug could be pulled out from under my feet. I want to remember that everything I have is a gift from God and I want to honor Him fully with my finances, not doing anything consciously or unconsciously that says otherwise.

3. Relationships – I don’t just want good relationships, I want great relationships. I want to fully love the people around me, fully give of myself when I am called, fully bring joy to others lives, fully celebrate with them, mourn with them, hold their hands (figuratively or literally) and be there with them when life happens…

4. Marriage – Starting with my marriage. I want to enter marriage intentionally. I want to honor my fiance (soon to be hubby), pray for him, love him, assist him, and be there for him as he leads our family into the years ahead. I want to equip him to succeed, and I want to create a home in which we can both flourish and know within these walls we are loved. I want to cook him dinner when he’s tired, make the bed in the morning, and fill him with hope as he pursues a PhD that’s way harder than anything I’d ever want to tackle educationally.

5. Purpose – I want to embrace the purpose God designed me for and live it out fully, even when it’s hard, scary, and seems to go unnoticed. I want to serve constantly just by doing what I was designed to do. I want to give it out freely and pour it out on others. I want to live it so naturally that it’s like breathing or speaking to my Lord – it happens just because it’s what He’s put in me and it brings Him all the glory. I want to know that I am unique just like YOU are unique and he, she, them are unique and that a healthy body (yes, I’m talking about the body of Christ) is at it’s best when each cell (yes, I’m talking about you and me) does what it was made to do.

6. Time Management – I want to say no to myself and others when it’s not something I’m called to do. I want to remember that serving is meant to be a joy and not a drain, and that my direction comes from God and not from what others want of me or demand of me. I want to use my time intentionally so that the time and energy I do have goes to the people and things my God has asked me to give it to, and I want to trust Him to take care of the rest. I want to remember that resting, slowing down, taking time for me is as important as spending time on others. I want to remember that there is always time for beauty, creativity, dreaming, enjoying, and celebrating just as there is a time for work.

So that’s my list. What about you guys? Anyone care to share thoughts or feedback? Anyone else want to stop talking about it and start doing it?



  1. amen to your goals!!! and i LOVE this “I want to live it so naturally that it’s like breathing or speaking to my Lord – it happens just because it’s what He’s put in me and it brings Him all the glory.” – my heart is beating the same thing right now.


    1. Oh I’m so glad to have someone to share this journey with! I’m going to need lots of help, but I’m excited for the freedom Jesus has in all the next steps. 🙂


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