Learning to Flourish

Right now my church is in a series called Flourish, and I needed it badly. It’s been a big kick in the booty to recognize just how much I’m not flourishing. Don’t get me wrong, life is generally good and I’m very blessed. But God desires more than just getting by, and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately while swept up in the waves of a crazy workplace and wedding planning and moving planning and day to day life.

So I remembered how when God was healing me I started to really feel like I was flourishing. It was awesome. And now the fiancé and I are trying to encourage each other along to flourish. Back in March I said I was starting by slowing down, but I didn’t really do a good job of it because the world put up a big ol’ fight about it. Then things got so crazy I even stopped blogging (obvs) and meditating on God’s doses of hope. Not.good.loved ones.

Then we started Flourish, and by the time I opened the little booklet my church passed around I was shocked to see the first practice as solitude, and the first step toward solitude as subtracting things from our schedule and slowing down. It was exactly what I’d been trying to do but not doing! But now I had a little booklet to help me along!

I do so much better when I have booklets to guide me along, I’m not even going to lie (see this as proof).

I made a list of all my weekly commitments:

– work full time job + 2 hours overtime (if we count my skipped lunch break)
– 2 hours of daily commute
– evening job grading papers for an undergrad psychology course
– wedding planning
– physical therapy on Tuesdays
– small group on Wednesdays
– pre-marital counseling on Thursdays
– events committee at church

Plus things I want to do like quiet time, blogging, making new recipes, spending time with the fiancé, seeing friends, and daily chores like grocery shopping, dish washing, kitty litter cleaning…

It doesn’t seem like a lot. Who of us doesn’t have that much on our plates? But I was tiiiired and struggling to get 3 meals in a day or even six hours sleep at night. Not flourishing.

So I cut some things out for a time, including blogging while I finished grading ten million papers and finals, and tried to back out of some commitments like the events team I should have known better than to sign up for, and made a bunch of decisions to clear up my plate and my head.


The fiancé makes fun of me for saying that so much, but seriously there are way too many situations in life that call for it.

Want to know the crazy part? Pretty much everything I’m trying to do now is the same stuff God taught me to do when He was healing me. Who would’ve thought?

Here are other things I’m working on (which I talked about a little in March and April when I realized I needed to get it together again and reinvest in honoring God with my everyday life):

– Health
– Finances
– Relationship
– Time Management
– Serving
– Calling

And it’s way easier than I thought when I just relax and go slow. I guess it’s how I’m getting healthier (again) and this time I’m recommitting and I’m surriously hopeful that God will bless me with re-flourishing. Oh yeah, and I’m re-seeking out Doses of Hope. I love those.

Happy Sunday,



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