Sunday Song: “You Love Me Anyway” by Sidewalk Prophets

I spent the first six years of my professional career doing marketing and publicity in the music industry, and for most of that time I thought that’s exactly how I’d spend the rest of my career. I love music, and I still think hearing a new song that speaks to your heart like only a song can is one of the most exciting things in the world. But a year and a half ago I left that job when it hit me that by working with popular hip-hop artists I was marketing a lifestyle of drugs, sex, violence, and money to teenagers, while going home and saying grace over my dinner table. In other words – my walk didn’t match my talk.

I wanted to start out in a new direction and work with hurting people to share all the things I’d learned about nutrition and caring for myself and help them find the healing that I’d found in Jesus. But seriously, you will never find a nicer and more creative group of co-workers than you will in the music industry, and I still like to take pieces of that experience with me wherever I go. And can we all agree that sometimes a really good song can bring just as much healing and hope as anything else?

Sidewalk Prophets is one of those bands that makes me want to run back to that industry and snatch up a job telling people how great they are, because “You Love Me Anyway” is a GREAT song. Of all the things we hope in (confidently expect) isn’t God’s love for us the number one thing? And at least for me, it can be the hardest thing to truly comprehend. My favorite part of this song starts right around 2-minutes in and says it better than anything I can share. (Plus, I think it’s the most perfectly timed chair kick ever.)

Sidewalk Prophets – “You Love Me Anyway”

If you’re up for a laugh and an awesome cover, check out their version of “Living on Prayer,” which is of course my favorite bowling alley song ever.


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