Today’s Dose of Hope

It’s late in the day for most of us, but I still want to share today’s dose of hope. This is another verse that I’ve loved for years. Steph mentioned it again to me a couple months ago, after we both read Heaven is For Real, and it’s been on my mind off and on ever since. I love God’s promise that when we hope in Him (wait expectantly and joyfully) our strength will be renewed.

…but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

– Isaiah 40:13

I remember when God first took away my illness, after years of hoping and waiting expectantly, I felt free. I felt like I could literally soar on wings like eagles. And I think that feeling is only a glimpse of how we will feel as we continue to hope in God and as He continues to renew our strength in ways beyond our imaginations. And I think that feeling on earth is only a glimpse of what we’ll feel in heaven.



  1. i feel like i’m soaring right now. after 3 years, i finally feel like God is bringing the healing…Out God is a healing god. i read this today in matt 4:23-24; no illness is impossible with God. He heals.


    1. Woohoo! That’s so exciting to hear!!! Yes, it’s true… no illness is outside of His healing. He’s shown me that over and over again, and I love Him so much. I know that He’s continuing to heal us and give us wings like eagles.

      I’m going to look up Matthew 4 now. I love Mark 5 where He heals over and over again. He is such a merciful God. I will never be good enough to earn His love, but He loves me anyway. How awesome is that.

      I’m so happy for you. I just said a big prayer about you!


  2. “Heaven if for Real” gave me hope. What an awesome and encouraging story sent from God through a little boy. I’ve bought audiobooks and about 12 books and given them to my family and friends. It touches everyone.

    I love the promise of Isaiah 40:13. He has allowed my spirit to soar as the wings of eagles. My prayer is that some day I will feel well and physically feel as if I’m soaring as the eagles.

    If not – God is with me and I can soar spiritually. If so – I will be eternally grateful.


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