Today’s Dose of Hope

This is a song that kept running through my head the other day when I remembered that hope isn’t about being strong. I was walking through the pouring rain, without an umbrella, carrying a big bag of groceries and kicking myself for getting home way later than I wanted to and letting my hair get frizzy.

And while I was doing all of those things, this is what I was thinking: it seems like no matter what I do, I’ll never… get home as early as I want to / have time to make the best lunch ever and take a picture of it / be able to clean the house, take a shower, and watch a TV show before bed / get 10 hours of sleep like my doctor suggested / do everything right so my life is perfect all the time forever.

Or as I say to the fiance when things don’t go according to plan, “Now I’ll never be a teen model!” (Best Brady Bunch quote ever!)

But guess what the good news is? (This is exciting for me, because I’m learning this for the second time in a few short years.) We don’t have to be strong enough to work our way into good health, a home worth coming home to, a more fulfilling job, or even a relaxing evening. Sure, God will lay out a path for us to follow to all of these things (a better diet, time management, the ability to let go and just have fun), but He’s not expecting our works to get us to the destination. He’s just asking that we keep our eyes on Him and watch what He can do inside us and around us and to follow where He leads.

That is awesome.

Matthew West “Strong Enough”


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