Today’s Dose of Hope

I heard great news about a friend today, and this verse is the first thing that popped into my mind. This friend has been through more health wise than even I can comprehend and has been (and still is being) healed of more than I can even comprehend. Every step of the way, doctors have been confounded. All I can think of is this…

Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ – Matthew 19:26

And what an awesome, awesome promise that is. We can invite Him into any situation and know that He can do the impossible. I just love Him.



  1. This is just what I needed to hear today…I have been thinking about Lymehope’s story of healing that came from God for her and her kids and tonight she is having that teleseminar with Connie S. …..anyway, I went and watched a couple of the videos by the guy she wrote about on God wanting You Well….and I have been praying about that. My beliefs have been that God heals…but not everyone….and since I have prayed for a long time fo healiing and am still ill…..not me. I asked God to confirm for me the idea of healing and this teleseminar, etc.through a devotional, scripture or a post, and your post was right there waiting for me. God is so loving isn’t He!


    1. Hi Renee, He really is! You know, I struggled with that belief as well since we’ve all lost loved ones, and it’s heartbreaking. I feel like we could write whole books on that topic. I really like what Mark 5 shows us about healing. I read it the other day and I saw that Jesus never turned down a request for healing. He always responded with “your faith has made you well” and ““Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (verse 36). I do believe that God heals all of us who call on Him for healing, and I think he wants us to know that we can live with that faith and hope (and of course expectation!).

      I know that ultimately there will come a time when each of us healed fully on the other side of this life, and that can be the hard part to talk about. But I don’t think we’re supposed to live with the hopelessness that He’s forgotten us or left us to be sick (and that took a long time for me to grasp). I’m learning more and more that He wants me to view both this life and the next with joy and expectation. What a gift!

      Keep me posted on how the teleseminar goes! I didn’t hear about it, but I’d love to read Lymehope’s story and find out more. Praying for you, Renee!!


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