Today’s Dose of Hope

I know a lot of people who need a dose of hope in their life right now. Sometimes it’s tempting to want to worry or wish that I could do more to help, but I know that where I can’t do anything, God can do everything. And I also know that my job is to keep on knowing that and live in the joy and peace it produces. I think that’s been one of the greatest lifelong lessons I continue to learn everyday.
This week I’m praying for a lot of friends, and these are three verses I’m focusing on.

Notice that third verse? That happened to me.

That first verse happened to me, too.

And so did that second one!

I tell people all the time that I don’t think I was healed because I did anything right. I think I was healed to show people that God restores, lifts up, brings joy, takes away pain just because He loves us. Our only job is just to believe.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24 (NIV)

“He sent out his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death.” – Psalm 107:20 (NLT)

“O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” – Psalm 30:2 (NIV)


    1. Oh Renee, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with intense pain. I just paused to pray that you will find relief soon. I am so glad that God touched you with these verses today. I love that He can reach us with His word when we need it most.



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