Today’s Dose of Hope

This dose of hope is another song that I just can’t get enough of these days. The fiance and I always listen to The Message when we’re in his car, and I’m loving every single Brandon Heath song they play. But this one is my absolute favorite. I played it over and over again when I was lounging around at the fiance’s apartment with my cold on Saturday until he begged me to stop…. Then I caught him singing it under his breath!  Just saying… It’s addictive.

I hope you’re all having a hopeful day!



  1. Hi Kim,

    I just wanted to Thank You Sooo Very Much for your uplifting Doses of Hope and wonderfully informative ways in which we can help ourselves like you have done. God helped me to connect (just by chance) with your wonderful website at just the right time when I needed it. PTL!

    I have been savoring every ounce of your inspiration and wisdom that you have been sharing with us. TYSM–You’re like the big sister that I’ve never had. It’s nice to know that when the chips are down, I can count on your Doses of Hope to see me through to the other side. Just a little bit of proof that those rain clouds really do have a silver lining. lol

    I even feel inspired/uplifted by you sharing your pic memories and fav’s for planning your wedding and future ideas (on the web tag board dealio-sorry, I’m a little foggy on the exact name of your ideas organizer at the moment. Goodness knows that everyone will benefit from more organizational ideas in the fast-paced life we live in these days. lol)
    You two make a great couple. Your love & happiness is so readily apparent that it radiates. The beachy pic that you use for your website is awesome. Congrats!

    Wow! TYSM for including Heath Brandon’s Awesome music video “The Light In Me” from The Message collection on your Doses of Hope dated 10-27-11. Great music, like BH’s, helps me to get through the ruff times. Just like you’ve found with your fiance’, it’s one of those “Good Contagious Things In Life”.

    I hope that you will include more great music videos along with your Doses in the future. Abso-tively, Posi-lutely Wonder-riffic! More, more, more Pleez…..

    Can’t say enough Woo-Hoo’s, Kim! Devoted DoH follower here! TYL.

    Thanks a Bunch!


    P.S. Kim — You’ve mentioned (Living Bible) translation in several of your Doses of Hope exerpts. Hopefully this doesn’t sound silly: I have other translations, but I would like to purchase that particular translation. I just want to make sure that I ask for the right version when I go to my local BBS.
    I didn’t think there was more than just one Living Bible translation, (but I could be wrong.?), so I thought it would be wise to ask you about the exact name of the translation you used in several DoH. That version really spoke to me over the versions that I already have. Thanks Once Again Kim.
    Sincerely, L.


    1. Hi Lexi – Thanks so much for your nice comment! It’s so nice to “meet” you. I use the NLT translation, which is the New Living Translation: Any Bible that says NLT on it will be the same translation. I hope that helps! You can email me if you have any questions –

      I have more music videos that I’ll be sharing soon, too! I’m so glad you like them. God definitely speaks to me through music when I need it.


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