Battlefield of the Mind

This summer I’ve been reading Battlefield of the Mind with my small group. Let me start by saying I see why this book is so popular. It’s definitely one of my favorites so far, and I always have a hard time putting it down.

Joyce begins by showing why the mind is our greatest battlefield and then goes over abnormal conditions of the mind, which include:

  • a wandering or wondering mind
  • a confused mind
  • a doubtful and unbelieving mind
  • an anxious and worried mind
  • a judgmental, critical, and suspicious mind
  • a passive mind

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve pretty much experienced every one of these.

The good news is she also shows how the Bible gives us more than enough ammo to think about what we’re thinking about and then swap out false thoughts that tear us down or keep us from experiencing God’s best with truth that builds us up and sets us free.

I have seriously gained so much from this book.

I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite quotes and verses over the next couple days (weeks? months?). I really loved all the chats you guys had with me on email and Facebook about Plan B, so I’m hoping we can all share with this one, too.



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