Finding Nemo, Our New Kitten!

Meet Nemo, my new kitten!

The picture’s a little out of focus, but you get the idea… she’s adorable! The boyfriend and I stopped by PetCo on Saturday to browse kittens, and when we saw Nemo (who was originally named Mica) we immediately fell in love. She was rescued just hours earlier from a washing machine in someone’s apartment building, and the adoption agency couldn’t turn her down.

We’ve been looking for a playmate for my little Dash Attack, who is feeling very alone in the apartment during my long days at work, and when Nemo fell asleep in my arms as soon as I picked her up, we knew she was the one.

The boyfriend and I adopted her together, making her our first joint pet – even though we have separate apartments.

He’s absolutely smitten.

Our plan is to keep her at my apartment, where she and Dash can become best friends in the whole wide world.

But we’ll also take her the boyfriend’s apartment every once in a while, where she can explore.

Dash stayed at the boyfriend’s apartment while my place was being renovated.

It took some getting used to, but eventually she really settled in.

She used to being the baby around these parts, but I think she’ll be an excellent big sister.



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