Things I’m Loving on the Internet

I love Charity Water. For some reason, I’ve been slightly obsessed with their work for years even though I never contributed until recently. I think it’s because the founder Scott Harrison’s story reminds me a lot of my own – busy entertainment industry career leads to what am I doing with my life moment leads to a total change in direction and a life bent on making this world a better place for others. The only thing is, Scott’s gone out and done it and made a huge impact on this world whereas I’ve recently realized I’ve still been “playing it safe” in a lot of ways, and this is yet another reason the organization’s such an inspiration to me.

Right now Charity Water is remembering nine-year old Rachel Beckwith, who was killed in a car crash last week. Rachel’s birthday wish and story literally had me crying at my desk today, which is not a pretty thing when you’re a receptionist at a busy medical office. But that’s the way it happened. She is a beautiful girl (I say is on purpose because I know Jesus is hugging this little girl as we speak and loving her so much) and Charity Water is a beautiful organization!

OK, I know this might seem like a weird turn to the left, but I’m also really loving Entertainment Weekly’s Harry Potter commemorative edition. I’ve never wanted to pick up an Entertainment Weekly before, but today when I was straightening up the waiting room this one caught my eye, and I snatched it up with a “you’re coming with me” before I could even think twice. I might have even teared up a little bit when I was reading this too, because you know what – gosh darn it, I love Harry Potter.

Last November after the boyfriend and I saw Deathly Hollows, Part 1 we decided there was only one way to prepare for Deathly Hollows, Part 2 and that was to count down the first seven months of the year with the first seven movies in the series. So we’ve been holding monthly Harry Potter dinner parties since January with a different theme every month. We went through potatoes, pasta, paninis, pancakes, pizza, (get it… Potatoes & Potter? Pasta & Potter, clever right?) and finally BBQ and Potter, which had no alliteration but was still awesome.

I think I’m so sad to see Harry Potter end because it means our excuse to stuff my apartment full of friends and food for a night of magic (literally!) are over. Sad face.

That is, until we have the Harry Potter reunion party in 10 years! Seriously, it’s happening. I’m putting the word out now. If you haven’t seen the movies yet, consider yourself warned. We’re doing in again in ten years time and this time no one’s going home until Voldemort is defeated!

And lastly, I’m literally swooning over this amazing renovation project going on at The Pioneer Woman and The Lettered Cottage. I yearn for a day when I too will engage in a major decor overhaul. Until then, I live vicariously through these two and a handful of other home design bloggers that bring a ray of decorating sunshine into my life.

p.s. Oh yes, also I watched Kay Warren’s Choose Joy conference last night, and it was so good I couldn’t turn it off, even when it went way past my bedtime.

p.p.s. I actually do have recipes and other fun nutrition stuff coming soon. Hang in there, and click here to donate to Charity Water in Rachel’s memory.



    1. I want to watch it a second time, too! I hope you’re having a good week. 🙂 I want to make one of your recipes this weekend. I WILL do it before the summer’s over!


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