“Saturday” (When the Waiting is The Hardest Part)

Pete Wilson talks about this amazing concept called “Saturday” in Plan B, that I totally want to share with you. In a nutshell, the name comes from the Saturday that fell between Friday (when Jesus was crucified) and Sunday (when He rose from the dead). But it’s so much better than that, and I don’t want to spoil it and try to explain it myself, so you’ll have to beg, borrow, or bribe your library to get it OR click on over to BookSneeze and see if you can finagle a copy in exchange for a review.

I mention this because I just moved on to Greg Laurie’s Essentials, which I got for a mere $5.00 donation last month when he ran a special. And he talks about a concept that made me think of “Saturday.”

Basically Essentials is all about understanding the truths about God. It’s helped open my eyes to how much I have to learn (or re-learn for the rest of my life). Because even though I know a lot of these things, I don’t always know these things. Know what I mean? It’s fascinating.

In the very beginning of the book Greg Laurie starts talking about how God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. He lives in the eternal tense. He’s seen the beginning and the end.

Which got me to thinking about the concept of “Saturday,” which has to do with the in-between times in life when we’re waiting for something – healing, the right job, the right boyfriend/girlfriend, the right apartment, a dishwasher, etc. The times when things look purposeless or hopeless or painful or just not perfect. And it made me realize, God knows the beginning, and He definitely knows the end, which means – as Greg Laurie so kindly points out –  if He says something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. If He says He’s going to do something, He’s going to do it. If He says something is possible, it’s possible. Because… this is the part that really stopped me in my tracks … He’s already seen it done in our lives.

That really got me because I couldn’t help but stop and think about all the times when I’ve forgotten that God has already seen my life from beginning to end. And that He’d already seen it from beginning to end when He sent His Son to die on a cross so I could have a million second chances. That God actually did mean me and you and all of us when He said:

“I know the plans I have for you… Plans for good and not for disaster. Plans to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Because He literally does know the plans. He knew the ending of the story before it began. My getting Lyme Disease didn’t foil His plans for my life. My bad choices and decisions didn’t foil His plans for my life. They may have foiled my plans for my life, but He saw them coming a million years away and He already knew how He’d use it all for good.

Awesome, right? Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite verse. I pray it pretty much on a daily basis, and I’ve clung to it more times than I can count as God continues to heal me in more ways than one. But I think I just got it on a deeper level.

P.S. I almost thought of titling this post “Why Your Life’s Not Over Yet” because I get a lot of emails from people suffering from Lyme Disease who feel like their lives are over. I hear you. But take it from this girl who made it through a loooong “Saturday” – your life’s not over yet.



  1. Kim,
    Thank you so much for that post. It is something I don’t really think about often enough. God is already IN our future (since He is eternal) and already sees me as healed. What an awesome thought. Pete Wilson’s Plan B chapter about Saturday is such an awesome chapter. Makes you see things from a whole new perspective. I realize that my perspective needs to shift so much. I get so hopeful, then discouraged, then hopeful, then discouraged. It’s a crazy cycle, and it’s all about perspective. Thanks for writing this post and sharing your heart.


    1. Karyn, your post inspired me to finally hit “publish.” 🙂 I’m right there with you in the hopeful – discouraged – hopeful merry-go-round. For some reason, when I read Plan B followed by Essentials stuff just started to click like I’d heard it for the first time. It’s finally starting to make sense to me, and it’s crazy what kind of hope that just naturally fills you up with, right?

      I really believe you’ll be healed and better than ever someday. Hang on to that and don’t let anything (or anyone) make you doubt it. Praying for you!


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