Three Things I Learned in Bible Study – Mark 1:1-8

A lot of this stuff was new to me after years of reading Christian books, diligently attending church and small groups, and reading my Bible nearly every night. So I’m fired up to share it!

Mark is a fascinating book. Like, fascinating.

I should start with a note that a lot of what I’m learning from my Bible study comes from my Zondervan NIV Study Bible, which I was psyched to buy on Amazon with my debit card reward points. Thanks, debit card! 🙂

Zondervan NIV Study Bible, my new fave.

I should also note that I’m paraphrasing here and I’m clearly not a theologian, just little old me, so please please please refer to your Bibles for the full scoops.

1) So… back to the gospel of Mark. The 2nd gospel in the New Testament. According to my new study Bible it’s believed this gospel is written by John Mark who based it off of Peter’s preaching. Apparently they were tight. So tight, in fact, that Peter refers to Mark as “my son” in 1 Peter 5:13 and there’s speculation Peter may have even led Mark to Christ. Interesting, right? It was also the first gospel written and as such can be seen as the first biography ever written of Jesus.

I keep this Bible close on my nightstand...

2) Also, did you realize the way Mark describes John the Baptist’s outfit is super important? (Mark 1:6).  Apparently his outfit of camels hair and a leather belt was the same outfit worn by Elijah and other prophets. (2 Kings 1:8)(Zechariah 13:4).  So in describing John the Baptist’s clothing to us Mark was essentially emphasizing that he was a prophet. I never picked up on that detail before.

but the picture above was staged, my nightstand usually looks like this.

3) I also learned that John the Baptist’s teaching was different from the usual teaching of his time because although the Jews had heard of repentance and baptism for the forgiveness of sins they viewed it as a Gentile thing. They didn’t really think it applied to them. Until John the Baptist came along.

File that under Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Now Back to Life, Back to Reality…

Ok, no more bad 90s dance references…

p.s. does anyone else have those songs stuck in their heads now? sorry 😉



  1. Iiiinteresting, Steph. I seriously want that Bible. I’m reading 1 Timothy right now and loving it. I was in Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus for a year, so I thought I’d skip forward and then go back to Numbers.

    We talked about Mark in church the other day, too. He had a “strong disagreement” with Paul when he was working as his assistant and they went separate ways (recorded in Acts 13-15), but they made up later, and Paul asked him to come visit (recorded in 2 Timothy 4:9-11). I love reading more about their lives and seeing how they were just like us.

    P.S. if you still lived in my apartment you’d know I’m listening to 90’s Pandora station with no shame. En Vogue + Salt n’ Pepa + Boyz II Men = best ever.


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