Stuff That Happened Today

Today I gave a presentation on the gallbladder, and I survived it – mainly due to lots of prayer, a nice and comfy chair that I pulled to the front of the room, Power Point, and a laser pointer that ensured I didn’t have to leave the comfy chair. My boyfriend, my sister, my friends, and my pastor will tell you that I hate standing in front of people.

I learned a lot of interesting things though from my classmates’ presentations, including that lactose intolerance is way more fascinating than I previously realized. I had no idea. It’s the kind of thing I would have totally called my sister about and excitedly explained except that my poor little BlackBerry went to heaven.

I tried to stay mum about the cause, but I think I should come clean. I accidentally submerged it in a puddle of water when I decided to leave it on the bathroom counter so that I could set my alarm to tell me when to get out of the shower and go flip my sweet potato fries in the oven. The sad part is I didn’t realize my phone was on vibrate, because I’d just come home from the library where I was busily finishing up my presentation on the gallbladder. And my phone vibrated itself so hard that it literally hopped from the counter off the edge of the sink and into the tub of my tiny NYC bathroom all in about 2.5 seconds flat.

I promptly rushed it into a bag of rice, but things looked very sketchy for upwards of 12 hours. Thankfully it has come back to life though, which means I can call my sister and tell her what I learned about lactose intolerance.

The other day I called her late at night to wake her up and tell her about the mucociliary escalator.

For some reason she entertains these things.


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