Read this Book: Plan B by Pete Wilson

Every Saturday I meet with a lovely group of ladies at a local cafe and talk about Pete Wilson‘s new book, Plan B. Every Saturday our conversations get better and better and better.

When I have my own nutrition / medical / what-have-you practice, I’m going to give this book to everyone who walks through the doors.

It’s heartfelt and sympathetic and encouraging and convicting (in that good way), and it makes me think about my relationship with God in ways I’ve never, ever dared think about it. If I was president, everyone would be required to take a one month break from daily life and read Plan B.

But until that day comes, if you are reading this blog because you’ve been through a major upside down, rollercoaster ride of a shake up in your life (illness, financial, relational, etc) pick up this book.

P.S. My little brother was just accepted into Teach for America! And if he moves to Nashville like he’s hoping, I’m totally planning on visiting so we can check out Pete Wilson’s church. Don’t worry – you can come along, too!



    1. Thanks! He found out last Monday that he was in the program and he got his location last night. They’re sending him to South Carolina! Hello, beach 🙂


  1. Thank you so much Kim. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the book and that God is using it in your lives. Can’t wait to hear more stories that come out of your time together.


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